Manage Files

Editing meta information of files

In order to edit one or more files, open these first in detail view.

All information of a file is stored in the meta data. These meta data are partly automatically taken over with the upload of the file or also manually by user:inside were added. All metadata entries and information can be edited – whether individually for a file or in a mass editing of multiple files. How exactly this works is described in this chapter.

Tip: On our page Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. In addition, we also offer information on editing files on the page Manage and Organize assets.

Edit Metadata Fields individually

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Edit Individual Fields

Clicking on the “edit” button to the right of the respective field activates the input mode. You can now enter or edit your data. Click on the check mark right next to the field in order to save your entries.

If you want to cancel the entry without saving it, click on the name of the field (left column).


Input functions

You will find several helpers in entry mode next to the text entry:

  • the “plus” button adds another entry field (only available in the list fields)
  • the button with the downward pointing triangle opens up a list with content defaults for the respective field (the defaults can be configured in Administration)


Dates and times

Fields for date entries automatically show a calendar sheet. The time stamp (HH:MM:SS) is optional in these fields and can be removed by clicking on the small “x” to the right.

Edit multiple Metadata Fields simultaneously

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Edit several fields simultaneously

In order to edit all fields of a group of metadata at the same time, click on the “Edit” link to the right of the group name.

This activates the input mode for all fields inside the group that can be edited.

You can now enter or edit your data, use the tab key to move between fields, use the return key or click  the “Save” button to save all your entries, or click the “Cancel” button to cancel the entry.

Add contents "to all open files"

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Add to all open files

When you open several files in detail view, and you edit a list field individually, then the additional function “Add to all open files” will appear.

In the corresponding text field you can enter text that should be added to all open files. For example additional keywords, authors etc.



You have uploaded an entire series of photos from a single event and you want to add some additional keywords to all of them:

  • Open all the files of the event together in detail view
  • Edit the keywords of the first file
  • Enter the additional keywords in section “Add to all open files”
  • Click on the “Save” button next to the text field

Batch processing of same Metadata Fields of multiple files

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Open Batch processing

Whenever you open multiple files in detail view, the button for “Batch processing” will appear next to every editable metadata field. Click on this button to open the “Batch processing” popup.


Create new content template

To create a new content template click on the “Edit” button in the field “Template” and add your value. The list below previews, which files are included to your changes, the current value of the field and the new value. Click on “Apply Changes” to save the new metadata for all files.



You have uploaded an entire series of photos from a single event and you want to add the same author, date and keywords to all of them:

  • Open all the files of the event together in detail view
  • Click on the button for “Batch processing” in the “Author” field
  • Add the author to the field “Template” and click on “Apply Changes” to save it for all files
  • Repeat the same procedure for the fields “Date” and “Keywords”


Apply value from one file for all

You can also copy already existing values to the other files. Click on the current value of the favoured file in the preview list of the “Batch processing” popup. The field “New Value” will adjust for all files. Click on “Apply Changes” to save the new metadata.

Batch processing - Author