Use login and two-factor authentication (2FA)

Logging into Manja can be done via various functions and with additional security levels. This includes login with additional two-factor authentication or automatic login via the internal LDAP system.

In this chapter of our documentation, we describe which options and security features the login in Manja offers and which other authentication options are available.

Tip: On our page Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. In addition, we offer information about the authentication options on the Interaction and Integration page and facts about 2FA and password strength on the Security page.

Login into Manja

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To log in to Manja, a username or email address is required. And the stored password. LDAP credentials can also be used for login, as well as other OAuth2 providers.
Login into Manja

In addition to the fields for logging in with a username / email address and password, the login screen offers the following functions:

•  Stay logged in

•  Forgot Password

•  Log in via OAuth2 provider (e.g. Nextcloud, Google, Gitlab, Azure AD)

•  Automatic login via LDAP/Active Directory authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

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Users have the option of setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). The setting for this is set up in “My account” by the user him/herself. This requires an OAUTH authentication app (e.g. Google Authenticator).

My Account > Set up Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Multilevel authentication for administrators

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For the areas “Administration”, “Maintenance” and “My Account” there is a multi-level authentication when entering the areas:

  • Mode A: further entry of the password.
  • Mode B: Confirmation by clicking without a password.
  • Mode C: the user does not have to take any action, but the call to the area is logged.
  • Mode D: multi-level authentication is deactivated.

The default is Mode C. If you need to change the mode, please contact us.

„Login as“ function for administrators

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"Login as" function for administrators

For administrators, the function “Login as …” is available in the individual users section under Administration > User Accounts & Groups. This can be called up via the detailed view of the user (top right side).

If this function is used, the view appears with a red frame. Furthermore, it is shown at the top right that you are currently in this mode. There you can also switch back to your own user.

"Logged in as" view for administrators