Offer export channels for external systems

Manja Digital provides a facility to automatically export original files or generated files to external software systems.
For this, so called export channels will be defined. Individual files or the whole stock can be exported through an export channel.
The actual export work is taking place in the background. The queue containing export jobs can be inspected and canceled/emptied.

Files can be made available via export channels. How to create and configure export channels is described in this chapter of our documentation.

General information on how to define files for export is explained in the chapter “Export files” in the documentation.

Tip: On our page Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features.

Manage Channels

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Manage export channels and queues and view export logs

An export channel consists of a name, a target URL as well as an option for exporting with or without a hierarchical directory structure.


Target URL

The following schemes resp. protocols are supported:

  • file – local filesystem of the server
  • ftp – File Transfer Protocol
  • ftps – FTP with SSL/TLS
  • sftp – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • http – HTTP PUT
  • https – HTTP with SSL

The URL may contain username and password, e.g.:


Directory Structure
  • flat: The export takes place into the directory of the target path. The respective filename will be appended to the target URL. Example: “”
  • hierarchically: The export takes place into a hierarchical directory structure below the target path, based on a category tree. The directories will be created if necessary. Example: “”.

Export to a hierarchical directory structure is not supported for HTTP and HTTPS.

Edit existing export channel

Manage Access Control

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With the access control you can define, who may export which files on an appropriate export channel.

For this purpose you select either the setting “Only for Administrators” or a custom action.

  • Only for Administrators: only administrators may export files on this channel.
  • Custom Action: Users with a manager role may export on this channel, but only those files for which they have received the respective permission (using the given custom action)

Manage Queue

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Manage Export Queue

Here, you can start the export of all digital assets. Select an export channel as well as a scheme for the filenames.

By starting the export, an export job for each existing file will be added to the queue. The queue will be processed immediately.

When required, here you can also cancel all jobs in the queue. Already active jobs can not be canceled.

Export Log

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In the export log you can keep track of the executed jobs.

Here you can also inspect error messages of failed jobs.