Notification Templates

Notification templates define the content for the email notifications generated in Manja and sent to recipients.

The notifications in Manja consist of the general templates “Base template” and “Footer” on the one hand, and the individual notification templates on the other hand. Administrators can edit these three template types.

The Basic Email Template

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For the email template there is a html base template which defines the basic structure of the email.

The base template (“mail“) is located under Administration > Templates > Base Templates.


The base template should be customized with care.

Base Mail Template

Customization Options on Base Mail Template
Customization Options on Base Mail Template

The following customizations are possible in the base template, among others:

  • Replace logo path to output a different logo in the email header.
  • Color for header line
  • Color for footer background and footer text color
  • Color for text and text links

The email footer

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There is a separate template for the email footer, which is output under the content of each notification.

The e-mail footer (mail_footer) is located under Administration > Templates > Fragment templates.

The content of the e-mail footer should represent the contact option for general support (internal or external).

Footer - Notification Template

The individual e-mail notifications

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For each notification sent by the system, there is a single notification template.

The notifications are located under Administration > Messages.

Each notification is created in two languages and uses system variables for unique output of information, labels and salutations.

Single Notification Template