Configure the Web User Interface

For experts and administrators: where are the configuration files of the Web User Interface and what are the configuration files.

Configuration Files

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The configuration files of the web user interface are located in the config/ directory underneath the web directory (e.g. in /opt/manja/web/config).

All configuration files correspond to the INI file format, in UTF-8 encoding.



This is the main configuration file. It contains network-specific options, localization options, email options, the selection of the extensions to be activated, and more.



The template for the main configuration file, this file contains the defaults for all options in config.ini. This file gets overwritten when updating the software. Please always make changes in config.ini.


auth_*.ini, ws_*.ini, ui_*.ini

Configuration files for the respective extensions, e.g. ws_webdav.ini and auth_ldap.ini.

The individual options are documented in the respective configuration file itself (respectively the pertinent

After changing an option, the server does not have to be restarted. The options are applied immediately.