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Download selected files

If a selection of files or only one file was made, these files can be downloaded. For this purpose, a corresponding context menu is available, which offers the options for the download: as original file, converted to another download format or as zip archive for several files.

After a successful search, the found files can of course be downloaded. For the download of selected files not only the file itself is available, but also different formats (resolutions, converted file types). Which options are available exactly and which actions quickly lead to the appropriate version of the file, we have described in this chapter.

Tip: On our page Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. In addition, we offer further information on how files can be downloaded in which formats.

Downloading selected files

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Download file(s) | Dialog

Download single file | Download formats in dialog

In the download dialog, you can immediately download individual files by clicking on “download file”.


Select download format

You can choose the original file (the format in which the file was placed on the server) or you can convert the file to another eligible format including Internet-compatible formats.
If you download the file in the “Original” format, the rotation of the file you have set will be adopted.


Download multiple files as an archive (zip)

If you want to download several files at the same time, the button “Download ZIP Archive” is shown in the dialog. Here the selected files are compressed and packed into a common archive. This has the advantage that the download happens faster. Clicking on the button starts the download.

You will be notified if you do not have authorization to download the files. The ZIP archive will only contain files for which you have received permission.

Download files - zip