Search and find files

Quickly find the files you're looking for! Use the best, fastest and most convenient search tools - perfectly tailored to the task at hand. Manja DAM provides you with various search tools with the multifunctional search.

Full text search

Manja DAM integrates a user-friendly full-text search, which allows you to find files in no time at all.


Combine search terms

In addition to searching for simple terms, you can also search for several logically combined terms.

The syntax is based on natural language. For example, a search for “Berlin, Wall and Graffiti” will find assets that contain all three terms. A search for “house, building or construction” will find the files that contain at least one of the given terms.


More information about the full text search can be found in our documentation.

Full text search with search result


In addition to full-text search, it is possible to find files using categories, like organizing files in directories on a computer.

You can define any category tree you want, for example a tree for topics, a tree for qualitative categorization, a tree for organizational purposes and so forth.

Full text search, category search, color search and advanced search options are combined.


More information about searching in categories can be found in our documentation.

Color search is used to find similar images and assets that are created within a narrow and very similar color spectrum. Multiple color values can be specified for the search to obtain a search result with images and assets from the same color world.
Color Search

Color search

You will also be able to find images that contain these colors (or similar) or correspond to the color scheme by selecting one to three colors.

This search variant can be combined with full text search, category search and advanced search options.

You can find more information about the color search in our documentation.

The advanced search options provide you with additional search parameters. This allows you to search for different file types (e.g. images, audio, video, vector) or assets of a specific author or series. The options are expandable and can be arranged individually.
Advanced search options (example)

Advanced search options

The advanced search options are a convenient and powerful search tool that can be customized to your needs and workflows.

Example criteria:

By multiple selection (checkboxes) or by single selection (list box):

  • Media type (images, audio, video, text, unknown)
  • Topics, series, author, usage, keywords, tags etc.
  • Image format (horizontal, vertical, square)
  • Color mode (color, grayscale, RGB, CMYK, with/without alpha channel, etc.)
  • Uploaded by (User)



  • Recording date from/to
  • Upload date from/to
  • Recording date decade (e.g. before 1970, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s)


Selection options

The options can be configured by an administrator in a variety of ways, almost any type of criteria is possible.

The selection options for the respective criteria can be pre-defined or automatically filled with the values available in the database (so that, for example, a new author is automatically available for selection in the corresponding search option).

The advanced search options are combinable with the full text search, the search in categories and the color search.


More information about the advanced search options can be found in our documentation.

Pre-defined search terms

Search queries that are frequently used or relate to current topics can be saved as pre-defined search terms and can be called up at any time with just one click.


Manja DAM provides all users with the opportunity to save located files in lightboxes to access them at any time.

Each user can manage multiple lightboxes and is able to view, send, publish, print, and download the files in the lightbox together (depending on their permissions).

You can find more information about Lighboxes in our documentation.

Opened lightbox (example)

The view can be customized according to the following criteria: Table, compact and list view
View types: table, compact and list view

Chart, compact and list view

To view the results of a search request, you can choose between a chart view, a compact view, or a list view. The preview images can be resized quickly and easily at any time.

Within the results you can select single or multiple files and view, print, send or download them simultaneously.

Chart view

The files are displayed as preview images with short texts (configurable, e.g. title, author, resolution). Ideal for quick viewing of image data.

Table view (display type)

Compact view

The files are displayed in a small format as a preview image with variable width.

Display type: Compact view

List view

The assets are displayed in a list, thumbnails and the most important metadata are immediately visible, e.g. author, title, description, usage rights, etc.

Selection and display of metadata are customizable.

Display type: List view

Asset preview

Fast, always up-to-date file preview right next to chart and list view. Previews can be shown and hidden by the user at their own will, are variable in width and height, and can be navigated very easily and quickly within the result list using the arrow keys on the keyboard – the preview always shows the currently selected file together with all metadata.

You can find more information about the asset preview in our documentation.

Asset preview (right column)

Detail view of a file

In detailed view you can view all metadata of a file. By clicking on a keyword, you can search for similar files, by clicking on the series all files of the series are found, by clicking on the author all files of the author are found.


Zoom function

The zoom feature allows you to take a more precise look at details of an image.



You can also rotate the display of an image in 90° steps. If you have the appropriate authorization, you can save the rotation permanently for all users.


Browsing and individual views of documents

In case of multi-page documents (e.g. PDF) or images containing several individual images (e.g. TIFF) all pages or individual images can be viewed here.


Change background for transparency assets

The background of the view can be changed to test the effect of an image on different backgrounds, as well as inspecting a possibly existing alpha channel.


More information about the detailed view feature can be found in our documentation.

Detail view with metadata

Download files

Manja DAM provides you with a download Feature that is quickly accessible at any time. You can download files as originals or in one of the (by an administrator) pre-defined download formats.

The download formats each define the file format for the download (e.g. JPEG), a resolution (DPI or maximum pixel size) and various options regarding the metadata within, the color mode and the color profile.


Download formats

For example, the operator can set a format “Web 72DPI”, which delivers downscaled files that can be used directly for the Web without any post-processing, while respecting all technical limitations of images for the Web (e.g. conversion from CMYK to RGB, removal of color profiles, removal of metadata).

In addition, the operator may also define another format, “Print 300 DPI”, which delivers files that are directly usable for the high-quality print workflow and contain both color profile and metadata.

Another important feature is that it is also very easy to download several files together as a ZIP file. Annoying waiting times for generating the ZIP file as in other systems are reduced to a minimum, the ZIP file is available within a few seconds.


More information about the download option can be found in our documentation.

Download files - zip archive

Print files

Manja DAM offers various print templates that are optimized for printing single or multiple files.

You select the files to be printed, choose the print template (Chart, List, Single Images or Single Images & Details), enter your own title if necessary, and Manja will then generate a print-ready view.

You can find more information about how to print files in our documentation.

Tip: You can read about what Manja DAM is and can do in a nutshell on our page DAM at a glance – Digital image management and professional media database.