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Send files to colleagues, external parties, or the press - Manja DAM lets you work together across organizational boundaries with powerful collaboration features.

Sending files

Manja DAM allows you to easily send files to other Manja DAM users without any technical hurdles (such as full mailboxes or restrictions on the size of email attachments).

You just select the files and click on send. In the dialog that appears, you select the recipient, the permissions you want to transfer to the recipient (if applicable) and add a message. Send, done.

The recipient receives an e-mail with the message and a link. In Manja DAM, the files you sent are then available to him in a new lightbox.

Send files as Lightbox (via email as a link)

Invite guests

Just as easily you can send files to people who are not yet Manja DAM users.

As recipient you only have to select “Send to a guest…”, then enter name, e-mail address and select a duration (e.g. 7 days). And the guest will receive an email with a direct link to the system and access to the selected files (and only to these files).

The guest’s user account will be deleted after the selected duration has expired but can also be converted into a full user account by an administrator within this time.

Send as lightbox | Configure and invite guest user

Send files as an attachment

You can also send files as e-mail attachments.

This is especially useful for in-house installations, whenever you want to send files to external parties that do not have access to the Manja DAM installation.

Sending files as attachments by e-mail

Publish files

You can publish files directly from Manja DAM. This allows you to make files available to a larger group of recipients comfortably and without much effort.

To do so, you create a so-called “publication” in the administration area based on a template (e.g. “Image Collections/Galleries”) and configurate various options such as design variants, contact data, allow download, etc.

You can then add files to a specific publication at any time with just a few clicks. You are also able to send the URL of the publication by e-mail, link from your website etc. – the published files are available to everyone without additional registration.

Publish files | Steps in the dialog window

Example view of a publication

Tip: You can read about what Manja DAM is and can do in a nutshell on our page DAM at a glance – Digital image management and professional media database.