DAM at a glance

Digital image management and media database

Manja lets you organize your media centrally and conveniently.
A digital asset management software - so much more than an image database.

Manja User Interface

Manja User Interface

Image management, media database or digital asset management (DAM)?

A DAM (Digital Asset Management) is used to store, manage and share various digital media (so-called assets). At one time, these systems were also called image database, media database or even image management. In order to consider and include all digital media types (photos, vector files, animations, videos, office documents, audio files, etc.), the term Digital Asset Management has been adopted.


Find media, don’t just search

Digital asset management is also characterized by the fact that the media are not only stored. It is also primarily a matter of ensuring that the required files can also be found – for example, using keywords or intelligent search procedures.


Structure your data

A very important aspect is also the availability for all users involved. An authorization structure can be used to determine exactly who can see which media and also, for example, edit, download and send them. These functions are essential for a responsible organization of one’s own media, inside and outside the company or organization.



Manja can be used for a wide variety of organizations and organizational structures. From a simple image management to a complex corporate structure with various departments and functions, Manja is a great support and a powerful tool.

Metadata of an asset | Part 1

Metadata of an asset | Part 2

Metadata of an asset | Part 3

Test without obligation

We provide all interested parties with a free demo version. There you can test Manja extensively and get to know all functions in more detail.

Availability and order for your media

Find assets

Time-consuming search in various folders is over – have the right media at hand quickly and conveniently. Our multifunctional search is a powerful research tool and will get you where you want to go quickly.
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Share and collaborate

And best of all: collaborate with different partners, colleagues – unlimited and with full control over the visibility of your data stock.
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Manage and organize assets

Manja brings order and structure to your data and doesn’t limit you in user count or storage space – Manja grows with you. Whether it’s simple image management or multifaceted media management – Manja supports you in your daily work and is always available to you with our support team.
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File format support

The professional management for all files you work with every day: JPEG, TIFF, EPS, Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® InDesign®, CorelDraw, Office documents and many more.
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Security and regular updates

Security is also taken care of – Manja fits into your IT and security concept. With regular updates, your Manja installation stays current and constantly expands with new functions and features.
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Useful add-ons for your additional requirements

Various add-ons can be booked to Manja, depending on your needs. These special add-ons offer additional functions and connections to integrate Manja even better into your workflow and existing data concepts. An excerpt from our add-ons:


Add-on Typo3

With the Typo3 add-on you can directly access the data managed in Manja.
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Add-on Audio/Video

With the support of various codecs and container formats, an extensive preview and processing of audio and video files is available.
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WebDAV add-on

Via WebDAV you have access to the files managed in Manja Digital like on a hard disk or a network drive.
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Test now for free

We provide all interested parties with a free demo version. There you can test Manja extensively and get to know all functions in more detail. For a more in-depth look at Manja, we also recommend our documentation.

If you would like to learn more about Manja and receive a non-binding offer, please contact us.