Manage and organize assets

Manja DAM provides you with the best tools to organize your files quickly and clearly.

Multiple selection of files

When was the last time you had to select and edit dozens of entries individually in a software?

In Manja DAM you always have multiple selections available. You select the files you want to edit, download, send or publish. Simultaneously, you perform the same action on all the selected files.


Selection via light boxes or collections

You may also use a lightbox (a collection of files you have selected). You can add files to your lightbox individually (or multiple times), and then, for example, send this lightbox as a whole. Just like other digital asset management products. But even here you have wasted a lot of time just to select a simple file.


Faster solution – Send directly

In Manja DAM this is also much more efficient: select your files directly and send them out immediately.

Select, choose action. Done.

Always available for multiple images (or multiple files) at once as a single action – consistent and well thought-out.

Integrative user interface

In Manja DAM, all users use the same, simple, and almost intuitive graphical interface to interact with the software.

The software adapts to the user’s preferences and permissions, and (assuming they have the appropriate permissions) activates other features such as uploading or deleting files or editing metadata and category assignments.

By simply clicking on a file or after selecting one or more files, the mini toolbar will automatically appear with all available actions. For example: Add to lightbox, Open, Download, Send, Publish, Export, Print or Delete.
Mini toolbar with action options

Using Toolbars & context menu

After selecting one or more files, the so-called “mini toolbar” appears, which offers all available actions, e.g. In the Lightbox, Open, Download, Send, Publish etc.

Depending on the user’s permissions, actions such as “Delete” or “Edit permissions” also appear.

The mini toolbar is unobtrusive and always appears where it is needed. It disappears as soon as it is no longer needed.

The actions are also available by right-clicking in the context menu and in the toolbar.

Drag & Drop function

Via drag & drop you can move files:

  • into a lightbox
  • move or re-sort within a lightbox

assign to a category (appropriate authorization required)

Drag & Drop in Lightbox

Upload files

Transferring files to Manja DAM is very easy: select the categories in which you want the files to be inserted, and then select the files themselves on your computer or network. Multiple selection is possible – you can select and upload multiple files at the same time.

You have a complete folder that you want to upload to Manja DAM including the content? This is also very easy and the folder will be created as a new category in Manja DAM at the same time.

During the upload process, the metadata contained in the file is analyzed and previews and thumbnails are created instantly. Manja DAM is optimized for smooth and fast workflow – because your time is precious!

Upload Files and Folders


The metadata embedded in the managed files can be viewed and searched in Manja DAM.


Metadata standards

Manja DAM understands several metadata standards, including EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ID3(v1&v2), and many other file format-specific standards.


Using Metadata routine

After checking the existing metadata, Manja DAM adds the new general metadata to the file, eliminates duplication and makes it available for editing if necessary. You decide which metadata is relevant!

To avoid the various format specifics and the duplication that can occur, Manja DAM then consolidates the metadata according to the rules you specify, removing duplication and making the metadata available for further processing.


Maintain Metadata

For the maintenance of metadata, Manja provides various tools that enable an optimal workflow:

  • Default values for metadata fields can be configured (replace, append, set only if empty).
  • You can copy the values of a metadata field to the data of selected other files with just two clicks,
  • add newly entered data to the data of selected other files with just two clicks.

Metadata of an asset | Part 1

Metadata of an asset | Part 2

Metadata of an asset | Part 3

Categories ensure order

The categorization of your files into categories and category trees allows you to strictly classify your media inventory according to criteria you define yourself.

Whether it is a thematic classification, a classification by department, or a classification by quality (and thus the usability of the material in different media), or a purely internal company classification (e.g. based on the department of the employee who uploaded the file): The choice is yours, you have full control.

You can assign any number of category trees and categories.

Set Custom Preview Image

A preview image can optionally be defined for a file. This image replaces the preview generated by Manja DAM.

This is useful for files with preview images that are not recognized by Manja DAM itself, but which should still be managed in Manja DAM. Or a more accurate, suitable preview image should be output.

Visual and informative comparison of files

Files can be compared with each other in a variety of ways. Simply select two files and start file comparison, or mark one file and start with the second file.

No matter how different the files are, the metadata comparison is always available and highlights differences in the metadata.


Visual representation of the differences during file comparison

For image files (whether raster or vector) and text/layout documents (PDF, AI, INDD, etc.), the visual comparison is also available in two variants:

  • Onion skin – the files superimposed with variable transparency,
  • Difference images – differences visually highlighted, with extensive options for fine tuning.

File comparison: Metadata

File comparison: Difference images

Tip: You can read about what Manja DAM is and can do in a nutshell on our page DAM at a glance – Digital image management and professional media database.