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Our servers are located in Germany. You can secure your DAM installation with different security concepts.

German data center

All Manja DAM SaaS servers as well as the Manja DAM backup servers are located in German data centers, which are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

Security zones and increase of rights

Beyond roles and ACLs, the areas of account, administration and maintenance can be declared as security zones (details configurable).

Typical setup: As soon as users want to enter one of these areas, an explicit confirmation is requested. Depending on the configuration, this can be a simple click, password or 2FA verification.

After successful confirmation, the user will receive a rights increase and access to the area will be granted. The process is also logged.

WebAuth (Fido2) authentication

The Manja DAM supports FIDO2 as a new WebAuth authentication option. FIDO2 is an open authentication standard based on public-key cryptography that provides higher security and user experience.

Thanks to the integration of FIDO2, our user:s can now perform secure and fast authentication without relying on complex passwords or other time-consuming authentication methods. Instead, they can simply log in with their FIDO2-enabled hardware authentication (e.g. YubiKey), which provides a higher level of protection and convenience.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration via OAuth2

This integration allows our user:s to use a more secure and seamless login via their Azure Active Directory account to access our DAM solution. This not only reduces the need to manage separate credentials, but also provides a higher level of security and control over access to our platform.

The AAD integration also allows us to better manage access to the Manja DAM by allowing us to import user groups and roles directly from the AAD directory.

Two-Factor Authentication

In times of password theft by email phishing, securing access to Manja DAM is an important issue.

With two-factor authentication, you can additionally secure your Manja DAM access and help to counteract the consequences of password theft.

After logging in with a password, a second step follows: a “one-time password” is generated and entered by a previously set up generator (usually a smartphone app).

Password strength check

Manja DAM allows you to preset password strength and complexity so that no user* can use a weak password. The password strength will be displayed to the user when he/she enters a password. In addition, you can also let Manja DAM create strong passwords and thus relieve the user of this task.

Tip: You can read about what Manja DAM is and can do in a nutshell on our page DAM at a glance – Digital image management and professional media database.