Asset Management superpowered.
Featuring TYPO3 integration, direct data access via WebDAV and Distribution Management.

Search and find Files

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Save time searching for the right media files

With the help of the full-text search and combinable terms, you can find the right assets quickly and easily. You will always have an accurate overview with the visual preview of your media files.

Full text search

Save time with Manja DAM's intelligent full text search and structured system.

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Visual and functional previews

A current preview is available for all your media assets. Switch to full screen mode for a more detailed metadata view and other features, such as the media player for your videos.

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Download Formats

You often need files in a certain format or size? The freely definable download formats will save you a lot of time and always give you the best results for the further use of your assets.

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TYPO3 Add-on

Access files managed in Manja DAM directly in TYPO3 - this Add-on was specifically developed for TYPO3 to connect your assets to your CMS.

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Interacting with files

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Select, choose action. Done.

Files are selected directly - by mouse, touch or keyboard. Actions (e.g. open details, download, send, etc.) are basically designed to handle multiple files. A well-rehearsed workflow: Select files, choose action. Done.

Multiple selection

Select the files you want to edit, download or publish by multiple selection. Perform an action on the selected files simultaneously - quick and easy.

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Toolbars & context menu

Unobtrusive menus and a mini-toolbar that provides the available actions. Where your focus is.

Sounds natural? It should be!

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Drag & Drop

Drag & drop files into and out of lightboxes, but also sort them among each other. A handy function that also allows you to move files within categories.

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Organize Files

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Manage your media assets the way you want them to

Provide your team with the ability to manage assets the way they work best. Simply switch between views for maximum flexibility.


Select target category, select files, start upload. Via selection dialog or drag & drop. Directory trees can be transferred automatically as a whole to Manja DAM.

Because your time is precious, you can continue working even during an upload.

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Metadata & Categories

Flexible metadata and ideal tools for its maintenance: different input methods and options, e.g. fixed or variable default values.

Files can be keyworded by batch processing.

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Compare Files

Assets can be compared with each other comfortably and in many ways, with all meta information and in direct comparison.

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Add-on Versioning

The version history stores changes to files and their metadata.

The version history can be viewed and previous file versions can be restored.

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Share and edit Files together

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Collaboration has never been so easy and effective

Send assets to colleagues, external parties, or the press - with Manja DAM you can work together across organizational boundaries.

Share Files

Share files securely and easily with colleagues, external partners, service providers or the rest of the world. If necessary with temporary, password-protected access to your files.

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Publish Files

Make files available to a larger group of recipients with little effort? Our publications offer exactly that! Look&Feel are easily customizable and reusable via templates.

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Add-on release projects

The tool for the perfect coordination of your release processes. Coordination and decision-making processes for your assets can be carried out directly - transparently and comprehensibly.

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Individualize and configurate

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Bring Manja DAM in harmony with your corporate design

Manja can be customized according to the client's corporate identity. This includes colors and also the logo of the customer. This way Manja gets its own theme or skin for your company or institution.

Give Manja DAM the look and feel of your business and customize views and features to suit your needs.

Customizable UI

Configure a wide variety of user interface options: filter and display options, initial view for new users, details of table, list and detail views, and much more.

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You can map the corporate design of your company or institution to your Manja DAM installation using templates and style sheets.

Manja can be customized according to the client's corporate identity. This includes colors and also the logo of the customer. This way Manja gets its own theme or skin for your company or institution.

Format and media support

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Wide range for supported file formats

Manja DAM supports many file formats, color spaces and modes, and metadata standards. Essential for professional editing and managing media assets.

File Formats

Raster and vector graphics file formats are included in the Asset Management profile, as well as mixed formats such as PDF and Adobe® Illustrator and InDesign® Files.

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Color Management

In addition to color profile support, Manja DAM also supports a variety of color spaces - ideal for image management in professional situations.

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Reading Metadata Standards

Embedded metadata (e.g. EXIF, XMP, IPTC-NAA) is extracted in Manja DAM and available in the software.

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Add-on Audio/Video

In Manja DAM you can not only listen to and view your audio and video files, but also prepare and export them for external applications. Perfect for streaming audio/video on your website.

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Interfaces and integration

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Integrate Manja DAM easily into your existing infrastructure

All features included in the software are available via easy-to-integrate interfaces and offer a wide range of possible applications.

LDAP/Active Directory Authentication

Using LDAP authentication, you will be able to fully integrate Manja DAM into your network without much effort.

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Add-on WebDAV

Files managed in Manja DAM can be accessed like a hard disk or network drive via the WebDAV connection.

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Protect your content and be always in control.

Our servers are located in Germany. With our flexibly definable access permissions, you retain control over the visibility and retrievability of your files.

With optional two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as WebAuth (Fido2) authentication, user accounts can be additionally secured.

Two-Factor Authentication

In addition to the password entry, the login for users is provided with an additional security code entry.

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WebAuth (Fido2) Authentication

FIDO2 is an open authentication standard based on public-key cryptography. Logging in is as simple as using a FIDO2-enabled hardware authentication (e.g. YubiKey), which provides a higher level of protection and convenience.

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Access authorizations

Define access permissions based on user roles. This way you are always in control of the visibility and availability of your Files.

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Extension of rights

Sensitive and administrative settings require a second authorization for the user.

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