Add-on Versioning

Keep an overview of all customizations with the version history

What was changed when and by whom? The version history provides a complete overview of all changes. Previous versions of a file can also be restored at any time.

Version history

Every change to a file is logged, no matter if the file itself or only the metadata (e.g. the description) of the file is changed.

The version history is stored on the Manja DAM server in an efficient, compressed form, so hardly any additional storage space is required.

This makes it possible to track for each file who changed what and when. The version history provides a comprehensive overview of all changes.

Versions / version history of a file (individual steps for restoring or comparing)


Changes can be undone at any time. An old version of a file can be restored at any time.


Using the rights and roles management in Manja DAM, viewing or editing the version history can be enabled or disabled for individual user groups.

In this way, the version history can, for example, be made available exclusively to the administrators of the database, while the pure users are not able to view it.