Add-on Release Projects

Perfect for multi-level approval processes in projects

The tool for the perfect coordination of your release processes.


“Manja Release Projects” is actually more than just an add-on.

It is an application to control release processes. Involved are on the one hand project managers, who need the release for a project, and on the other hand decision makers from different departments, agencies or partner companies, who can grant a release completely or partially.

Our application brings the people involved together, coordinates the individual steps, notifies them of the respective status and calls for action.

Application areas & scenarios

Naturally, a release project is completely visually oriented and consists (besides title, description and deadline) mainly of images, videos and (PDF) documents.

“Manja release projects” is suitable, for example, for controlling release processes for:

  • Advertisements
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Info/product brochures, flyers
  • magazines, articles
  • Labels, posters, displays, etc.


With the add-on Projects, approval processes for files can be created, executed and divided into several steps. Likewise, the flow of an approval process can be configured in several runs and for different groups (e.g. marketing, design, management).
Stages within a release process

Configuration and administration

The tool can be administered extensively; responsibilities and authorizations are defined via the rights and roles management in Manja DAM.

Various workflows are predefined in the administration, these include several parallel and/or serial stages consisting of release groups, which in turn contain lists of individual persons or user groups.


Workflows serve as templates for concrete projects, which in turn are extensively configurable. Concrete persons can be selected for the respective release task, also as substitutes, and of course documents can be added.

Projects are controlled by the person in charge. A project can be interrupted, for example, to add new versions of the documents or to change the responsible approvers.

Projects can be terminated automatically, but may also require a final intervention of the responsible person.

When a project is closed, all information and documents are consolidated and saved to relieve the burden on all participants, including a complete history of all activities.