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Send selected files to users or external partners

Whether internally via the Manja system or for external persons: there are various ways to make files available. For this purpose, on the one hand, a lightbox filled with the corresponding files can be sent as a link via e-mail. Or the selected files are used as an e-mail attachment via the system.

How do I make files available to other users in Manja or to external partners outside Manja? This question is addressed in this chapter of our documentation.

Tip: Under Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. In addition, we offer further information on how selected files can be sent.

Provide selected files

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Manja allows you to send files to other Manja users in the easiest way possible, without any technical hurdles (such as full email inboxes or email attachment size restrictions).

You simply select the files and click Send. In the dialog that appears, you select the recipient, any permissions you want to transfer to the recipient, and add a message. Send, done.

Set time extension of a temporary account

If a selection of files or a lightbox is sent, a function for the expiration time is available for temporary recipients.

For recipients with an expiration date of the user account, the expiration time is displayed in the dispatch dialog and can be extended at the same time.

Set expiration time of an account

The recipient receives an e-mail with the message and a link. In Manja, the files you sent are then available to him in a new lightbox.

Send files as Lightbox (via email as a link)

Link to the lightbox

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You can send files as a lightbox via e-mail to other users of the system or to a guest. To do this, the link to the lightbox (which contains the selected files) and a corresponding title and text are sent by e-mail to recipients within the system or via guest access.

Send files as Lightbox (via email as a link)

Invite guests

It is just as easy to send files to people who are not yet Manja users.

As a recipient you simply select “Send to a guest…”, then you additionally enter name, e-mail address and select a duration (e.g. 7 days). And the guest will receive an e-mail with a direct link into the system and access to the selected files (and only to these files).

The guest’s user account will be deleted after the selected term expires, but can also be converted into a full user account by an administrator within this time.

Attachment by e-mail

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You can also send files directly as e-mail attachments (if this function has been activated by an administrator).


The dialogs lead you self-explanatory step by step to the goal.

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