Find & Organize Files

Print selected files in a structured form

A print layout dialog is available for printing files, which defines the arrangement and information of the files to be printed.

If necessary, selected files can be printed in a specific layout. The print layout offers different possibilities to print files including information. Which options are available is described in this chapter of our documentation.

Tip: Under Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. In addition, we also provide information about printing files on the Search and Find page.

Set print view

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Print Files

Set page layout

Here you can select a print view optimized for the A4 page format:

  • Table – Shows your selection as a table, just like in the result list
  • List – Shows your selection as a list, just like in the result list
  • Individual images – One image per sheet, with ID and title
  • Individual images & details – One image per sheet, with metadata


Set resolution and title

Furthermore, you can choose the resolution (low, high, very high) and enter a freely selectable title which will appear on your printout.


Generate preview

Clicking on “Preview” opens a new window (tab). Once the preview has loaded completely, the print dialog of your browser appears.


The same view configuration is used in the print view as in the result list.