Find & Organize Files

Using visual and informative comparison of files

iles can be compared with each other in a versatile and comfortable way. Simply select two files and start file comparison, or mark one file and then start with the second file.
No matter how different the files are, the metadata comparison is always available and highlights differences in the metadata.

Example: there are visually several photos of a subject in Manja that look very similar. Using the “Compare” function, it is possible to display not only the visual differences between two files, but also the differences in the metadata information. This way you can quickly find the current photo or the original, unedited image.

Tip: Under Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. In addition, we also provide information on file comparison on the Manage and Organize assets page.

Compare file versions or files with each other

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Compare Files

Start compare action

Select a file (or a specific version of a file) and start the compare action, the file will be earmarked now. Then start the compare action on the second file (or version). Or: just select two files and start the compare action.


Metadata comparison

The “Compare Files” dialog will always start with the metadata comparison.

No matter how different the files are, the metadata comparison is always available and shows all differences in the metadata at a glance.


Visual comparison with marking of differences

For image files (whether raster or vector) and text/layout documents (PDF, AI, INDD etc.) the visual comparison is available too, provided that:

  • the files have the same dimensions,
  • or at least a similar aspect ratio.

Two types of visual comparison are available:

  • onion skin – the files one upon the other with adjustable transparency,
  • difference images – differences visually highlighted, with an extensive set of options for vernier adjustment.


Possible actions

You also have the option of deleting the file(s) directly in the comparison view (“trash-can”-icon at the bottom right). The file that should no longer be present in the system can be discarded directly.

File comparison: Difference images

Difference images for visual comparison

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The difference images are especially suitable to detect small visual differences.

File comparison: Difference images