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Publish selected files via Manja

You can publish files directly from Manja. This allows you to make files available to a larger group of recipients conveniently and without much effort.

Example: photos and videos were taken of an event and these are to be made available to all participants afterwards. Or the press representatives are to be offered their own logo, photos of the executives and theme images for download. These and other scenarios can be easily solved via publications. We have summarized exactly how this works in this chapter.

For administrators, the chapter Publications describes more specifically how to create publications. And the chapter Customize Publications explains how to restyle publications according to your own corporate identity.

Tip: Under Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. In addition, we offer further information on how selected files can be published.

Creating a publication

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To do this, you create a so-called “publication” in the administration area based on a template (e.g. “Image Collections/Galleries”) and configure various options such as design variants, contact data, allow download, etc..

You can then add files to a publication at any time with just a few clicks. You can send the URL of the publication by e-mail, link it from your website, etc. – the published files are available to everyone without additional registration.

Publish files | Steps in the dialog window

ou can publish files directly from Manja and make them available to a larger group of recipients with little effort.

You can send the publishing URL by email, link to it from your website, etc. – the published files are then available to everyone without any additional registration.

The self-explanatory dialog guides you step by step.

Manage Publications

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In order to create or edit publications, or to remove files or entire collections from a publication, you will need administrator privileges.

You can find more information regarding this under Administration -> Publications.