Find & Organize Files

Make files available for an export (channel)

Files in Manja can be exported individually or as a selection (multiple files).

Exporting files does not mean downloading those files. In Manja, exporting files means making them available to other systems via URL. How exactly this works and which use cases there are, we have described in this chapter of our documentation.

For administrators, the chapter Exports via Export Channels describes more specifically how to create export channels.

Tip: On our page Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features.

Transmit files via Export Channel

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Here you can export individual or multiple files directly out of Manja.

The export functionality is used to transfer files to external software systems, for example to deliver pictures to a CMS for the website or to deliver video files to a streaming server.

The self-explanatory dialog guides you step by step.

Export Files

Manage Export Channels

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In order to create or edit export channels, you will need administrator privileges.

You can find more information regarding this under Administration -> Exports.