Creating a publication for publishing files

Publications are used to publish files directly from Manja. Similar to the already existing possibility of sending files to "guests", you can provide files to a larger group of recipients with little effort.
Publications are based on templates and can be configured according to your requirements and also adapted to your own corporate design.

Before files can be published, a publication must be created. This chapter of our documentation describes which steps are necessary for this.

How to publish files in a created publication is described in the chapter “Publish files” of this documentation.

Tip: Under Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features. We have also prepared further information on the page “Share and Collaborate“.

Creation of Publications

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Step 1: Select template for publication

Create New Publication

After clicking on “New publication”, first select a template. Currently there are three templates:

  • Image Collections – Web gallery with audio and video support, optimized for mobile devices.
  • Image Gallery from Category – A single category as a standalone web gallery with audio and video support, optimized for mobile devices.
  • Web Feeds & Playlists – For publishing to websites, custom apps, etc.

But you can also add your own templates, e.g. your own gallery in your own corporate design, based on the image collections.

Step 2: Configure the publication

In the second step, you configure the publication:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Password protection
  • Design
  • Language
  • Contact person
  • Contact email
  • Phone number
  • Metadata to display
  • Enable download
  • Permit deep links
  • lightGallery
  • Download formats
  • Oder collections by
  • and much more.

Create New Publication

Step 3: Check settings and finalize the publication

In the third step all options are checked and after confirmation the publication can be created.

There you will also receive the link to the publication.

Edit existing publication

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Publications Overviews

The created publications can be viewed under Administration> Publications. This includes the status (active yes / no), the template used and the mode, title & name, the associated user account and the created and modified date.
Furthermore, a new publication can also be created here.

Clicking on the respective publication opens the dialog “edit publication”. Here you can change the settings and options at a later point in time, or delete the publication completely.

Edit the contents of a publication

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Edit a publication

In order to add files, simply choose the respective files in the media area and start the “publish” action (per context menu, mini toolbar, or toolbar).

In order to remove files or entire collections from a publication, you need to have Administrator rights:

In the Administration -> Publications area, click on the respective publication. In the following dialog you will find a “files” button. Click on it, and follow the instructions that appear.

If you have made changes to a publication template used, you can reapply the template to an existing publication (“Re-Apply Template”). For information on how to create and individualize publication templates, please refer to “Customiization > Publications”.

Publication | Reapply template