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Edit the preview image of a file

Every file uploaded to Manja gets a preview image. No matter if it is a video, photo, text file, audio file, etc. For some unknown formats, this preview image can not be created by the system. Or the preview image should be changed for an existing file. Here we explain how this can be done easily and quickly.

To get a quick overview of the files in Digital Asset Management, thumbnails of the uploaded files provide a good orientation. These preview images are generated during the upload and can be changed if necessary.

Tip: Under Features & Add-ons we have compiled an informative overview of all our features.

Custom Preview

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The preview image cannot be generated for some unknown file formats. Therefore there is the possibility to store an own preview image in the metadata. This function can also be used if the generated preview image should be replaced by a more suitable preview image during upload/upload.
Change the Custom Preview image in the metadata

Files that are not recognized by the software will normally be shown as an icon only. However, you can replace the icon with a preview image of its own.

In detail view, you can see the metadata of the “system” group on the right. Under the point “Custom Preview” you can define an image of your choice as a preview image by clicking on the area or the text.