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Upload Files

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On the left side in the result list toolbar, you can find the button “Upload”. If you click it, the upload dialog appears.

This dialog is divided into the following two to three steps.

Step 1 - Select category

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Upload Files | Steps

Select the category in which the files are to be classified here. The assignment to a category is necessary. Depending on your assigned authorization, you may only be able to classify files in selected categories. You can change this classification at any time later.

You can also right-click in the upload dialog to edit, reorder, sort content, move, add or delete the existing category.

Note: this option is only available to you with the appropriate authorization (see: Introduction to Users, Groups & Permissions).

Upload files | Category Dialog

Step 2 - Select further categories

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In the second step, you can specify other category classifications if so desired and available. This step is optional, but recommended if you want to catalog the data volume comprehensively. Again, you can change the classification into these categories at any point later in time.

Step 3 - Select and upload files

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In the third step, you select the files. Click on the button “Select Files”. In the following query, you select the files on your computer or from your network and click on “open” or “select”.

Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the marked files from your local file system or even entire folders into the area (“or drop here”).
When dragging and dropping local folders in Manja, these folders are automatically adopted as categories.

Note: You can select several files at the same time.

The upload is started immediately, and you can observe its progress.

Note: You can select additional files or cancel the upload process at any time (even while files are already being uploaded).

After a successful upload, you can see a preview image. You can then open the respective file in detail view or delete the file.

You can edit the files’ metadata (e.g. title, description, and keywords) inside the detail view.

Cancel Upload
Cancel Upload

Note: If you close the upload dialog during the upload process, a message appears with a selection for the progress of the upload or the cancellation.

After the Upload

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After closing the dialog, a new search is initiated immediately. This is how you will find the uploaded files.

At any later point in time you can again find your files via search. In order to do so, search for all files (e.g. search for “*”) or simply select the respective category. Make sure that your result list is sorted so that the latest files appear first (default setting).