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Manja Digital Asset Management

31. December 2020

Version 4.35

Office formats, more audio/video, Two-Factor Authentication

Office formats

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Support for Microsoft Office documents:

  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • In doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and pptx formats.


  • Preview of the document, with detail view, scrolling within multi-page documents,
  • Texts can be marked and copied in the document,
  • annotations can be stored in the document (in connection with CollabAnnot-AddOn)
  • Document content is automatically available in full text search
  • Download as PDF possible.

More audio/video

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We once turned audio/video support on its head, rethought and reimplemented it.

  • The old approach, while technically sound, was costly to maintain. Adding new features, formats, or codecs was disproportionately costly.

Our new model

  • is technically simpler, but also more flexible and easier to extend
  • for processing/transcoding of audio & video an external toolchain is controlled
  • which can be defined and configured by “preview format”,
  • especially ffmpeg does an excellent job here,
  • but other transcoders can be integrated as well

New codecs

  • with ffmpeg as external transcoder practically all codecs are supported that ffmpeg also understands
  • for example also H.265/HEVC, AV1, or the Apple ProRes family

New A/V containers

  • Additionally, the container formats MKV, WebM, ASF, WMV and WMA are now supported.


  • Of course, there are templates again that you can use directly.


  • It is now possible to start audio/video files side by side synchronously in the “Compare” dialog to allow direct audiovisual comparison.

More PDF

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PDF as download format

  • PDF is available as a fully-fledged download format.
  • Both for the output of images,
  • as well as for the output of documents.
  • With PDF and Office documents as source, texts and vector data are preserved.
  • Any annotations can be inserted or removed by setting.

Optimized PDF

  • Ideally, only the best available version of a document should be stored in the DAM. However, in the case of PDFs from professional print workflows, this can be very large and unwieldy for many users.

Our solution:

  • PDFs can be automatically optimized for download – various options control the degree of optimization.
  • Setting is done by download format – so you can provide different qualities at the same time.


PDFs can now be watermarked, just like images.

Other formats

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  • Support for preview rendering of CorelDraw files.
    (Note: the CorelDraw format, however, is in principle not suitable for exchange and archiving – it is strongly application and version specific, changes remain largely undocumented and it is not subject to any standardization overall).
  • Support for BigTIFF format
  • Extended information for “container” formats – especially archive files: the file list is processed as metadata and thus becomes searchable, among other things.

Send as lightbox & lightboxes in general

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Send as lightbox

  • Lightboxes can now be shipped to multiple recipients at once.


  • Files from one lightbox can now be copied to another or new lightbox.


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  • Publications can now optionally be protected with a password,
  • For publications with multiple collections, there are now different display variants: the collections can be displayed individually, grouped or combined. The previous display variant corresponds to the new “individual”.
  • The assets of a publication can now be sorted by different criteria:
    • alphabetically ascending/descending,
    • modification date newest/oldest first,
    • creation date newest/oldest first.

Video Embed Codes

  • The template “Web Feeds & Playlists” has been extended with functions to create and copy embedding codes. This allows you to easily copy and paste videos into external sites.

Result view: Icons & status flags

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Icons and status flags
Icons & status flags

New default icons for:

(1) Release projects (active and archived),

(2) File contains comments/annotations,

(3) Expiration dates (start in the future and expiration date expired).


(4) Own flags & status icons

More freedom for own flags & status icons (4)

  • for own flags & status icons there are now more possibilities to realize them by configuration & CSS,
  • especially styles (e.g. colors) can now be selected based on the content of metadata fields.
  • Regarding details please contact us.


Projects / FreeMe

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Projects can now continue within a stage despite rejection. The option can be activated/configured in advance via workflow.


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  • UI for managing deleted files (trashbin): this can be used to restore deleted files, but also to delete them permanently – currently available in the Maintenance area.
  • Batch processing: remove single files from selection afterwards possible.
  • Batch processing: navigation via previous/next item in dialog title bar.
  • Two-factor authentication based on OATH standard.
  • Nextcloud as OAuth2 provider.
  • Hint when creating a category tree, that maybe only one category should be created.


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  • Batch processing / automatic numbering: more flexible detection of non-negative numbers in the template.
  • Administration: corrected sorting of user account list.
  • Although permission was missing for commenting files, users were sometimes offered the stamp function as available. This bug is fixed.
  • Multiple assignment of a user in different sharing groups resulted in incorrect assignment. This has been fixed.