Version overview
Manja Digital Asset Management

1. March 2020

Version 4.26

PDF free text search, new permissions, optimized upload dialog

Add-On Collaboration & Annotations

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  • PDF free text search: Within open PDFs, you can now search for terms which are then highlighted within the PDF (as search results). The PDFTron WebViewer is used for this.


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  • In the large view, files can be removed from the lightbox (“- Remove from lightbox”).
  • In the large view, the sorting function is now effective (e.g. ID descending or ascending, upload date descending or ascending, etc.).


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  • The administration area now shows the creation date and the modification date of a publication.
  • Changes to publication templates can now be updated for existing publications (“Apply template again”).


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  • Permissions: In the administration area, categories can now be edited by right-clicking (edit, re-sort, sort contents, move, add, delete, edit permissions). The link “Edit permissions” leads directly to Administration > Permissions for selected category.
  • Upload dialog: From now on you can create new categories (right click + “Add”), edit (right click + “Edit”), sort the content (right click + “Sort content”), re-sort the category (right click + “Re-sort”), move the category (right click + “Move”) and delete the category (right click + “Delete”).

Upload dialog

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  • In the Upload Dialog, it is now possible to create a new category at the same time, in which new files can be uploaded (see Categories > Upload Dialog).
  • If the Upload dialog is closed during an active upload process, a message “The upload process is not yet completely finished. Do you really want to cancel? [ Yes ] [ No ]”. This prevents the upload process from being accidentally aborted by closing the upload dialog.

Upload file folder via Drag&Drop

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  • Folders can be dragged and dropped into the browser window to import the contained files individually or the entire folder structure into Manja. Folders are automatically imported into Manja as categories.

File detail view

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  • For shortcuts to other files, the direct shortcuts are now at the top of the list.

File Comparison

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  • In the comparison function of files, it is now possible to delete one of the files directly in this view (Improved workflow for cleaning/sorting of identical files).


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  • When downloading a file in the “Original” template, the rotation previously set by the user is now applied during download.

Print View

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  • In the print preview, the same view configuration is used as in the result list.


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  • Newly implemented is the function “Stay logged in” in the login screen.
  • For administrators the function “Log in as” has been extended. Visually there is now a clear marking (red frame) if the administrator has logged in with another user. Additionally there is a new function “back to login as” which allows administrators to switch back to their admin login and log out of the other user.
  • An expired login session now displays a more meaningful message: “Authentication required”, “Session expired”, “Please log in again”, “Higher permissions required” or “Function not available”.

Multi-level authentication for administrative tasks

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  • For the areas “Administration”, “Maintenance” and “My Account” there is now a multi-level authentication when entering the areas:
    – Mode A: further input of the password.
    – Mode B: confirmation by click without password.
    – Mode C: the user does not have to take any action, but the access to the area is logged.
    – Mode D: the multi-level authentication is deactivated.

The default setting is mode C. If the set mode needs to be changed, please contact us and we will make the change.

For developers and integrators

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  • Syntax highlighting for Manja HTML templates integrated.

Maintenance and support

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  • New function: “Log on with unlimited permissions”.
  • In the Console under the item “Maintenance” the explanation text for the parameters was supplemented with examples.
  • A script was implemented which can reset the superadmin user (if necessary) and thus e.g. reset the password or create a new account.


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  • Display of white screen under Tablet View in comment view fixed – file content is displayed completely again
  • Upload under iOS (Tablet-View) reported an error when selecting multiple files – error fixed and multi-upload works again
  • Lightbox: in the large view the view jumped back to the result list when changing the sorting setting The behavior was adjusted and when changing the sorting setting, the setting is now applied.
  • The dates were not displayed during batch processing This has been fixed and the dates are now displayed.
  • An error occurred when rasterizing PDFs – this has been fixed
  • There was an error message when downloading multiple files with special characters in the file name – this has been fixed
  • The PDF meta information in the detail view had an incorrect color mode label (“Color Mode: RGB”). The wrong label was removed from PDFs in the detail view.
  • When using Firefox, the error occurred that the context menu could not be clicked when clicking on files and was immediately closed again. This error has been fixed.
  • It could happen that a flicker occurred in the drag & drop event when using Firefox. We have fixed this behavior.
  • In the detail view of a file, the category names were displayed with html tags in the category selection and were therefore difficult to read. The html tags are removed.
  • Improved display of the password rating.
  • Improved usability of the selection frame in the result view and the lightbox view.
  • Upload to iOS improved