Version overview
Manja Digital Asset Management

Latest, 16. October 2023

Version 4.45

Share link, Data dependent filters, Undo deleting & moving files, Improved asset linking, Improved content comparison, and much more

Share link / Send as external link

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Assets can now be shared with internal and external users via a simple link:

  • with and without preview,
  • with and without password,
  • with expiry date,
  • via link,
  • via email to selected recipients.

This expands the already existing possibilities:

  • send as a lightbox,
  • send as attachment,
  • publish,
  • internal link.

Send as external link

New: Info-Modals to notify about various actions

Share link with preview

Search options: Data dependent filters

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Enables extensive faceted searches based on the metadata of currently existing assets.

Search options can be configured so that the values ​​available for selection are not only derived from actually available asset data (as before). But new: the values ​​available for selection can also be restricted based on the selection of the values ​​of other search options.



  • there are the metadata fields “Product Category” & “Variant”,
  • and there are assets that are filled with corresponding values ​​in these metadata fields so that:
  • “Product Category” contains the values ​​“Cola”, “Beer” and “Water”,
  • and “Variant” contains the values: “zero”, “light”, “lager”, “strong”, “sparkling”, “still” and “regular”.

The “Variant” search option can now be configured so that

  • after selecting “Product Category” = “Cola” in “Variant” only the values ​​“zero”, “light” and “regular” can be selected,
  • after selecting “Product Category” = “Beer” in “Variant” only the values ​​“Lager” and “strong” can be selected,
  • after selecting “Product Category” = “Water” in “Variant” only the values ​​“sparkling” and “still” can be selected.

This means: the list of values ​​available for selection in the “Variant” search option is created depending on the value selected in the “Product Category” search option in combination with the metadata values ​​present in the available assets.

Or: the list of values ​​available for selection in the “Variant” search option is created from the metadata values ​​of those assets that – after applying the filter to the value selected in the “Product Category” search option – match.

The Best:

After an initial configuration, actual value lists of search options are determined on-demand and fully automated – so, no editorial effort required!

Modern look and feel for: search, color filters, options, categories, notifications

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We continued the redesign towards a more modern and responsive user interface. In particular, the following have been improved:

  • Full-text search
  • Color search
  • Search options
  • Representation of the category trees
  • Information texts (toasts)

Color search and category trees

Improved search options

Information texts (toasts)

Undo deleting & moving files

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Deleting and moving files can be easily undone via the respective notification.

Asset links in metadata

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  • Links can be selected visually (instead of entering numerical asset IDs),
  • Links are listed with title and ID.

Content comparison improvements

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(PDF and Office documents)

Full support for PDF “Image Masks”, “Soft Masks” and “Shadings”.

Other new features/improvements

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  • The order of category trees is now definable.
  • Batch processing: Improved negative number and word boundary detection.
  • Metadata definitions: the order of values ​​(in data entry and in search options) can be controlled via new “Sorting” option. Possible options are: “none”, “strings”, “natural”, “natural & real numbers” and “as in value list”.
  • Download formats: Background color can (optionally) be specified as “Special color”: as an exact value in the color space of the respective output color format and profile.
  • Download formats: Background color can (optionally) be specified with alpha value.
  • Administration / User accounts and groups: Download user account list is now also available as XLSX and HTML (in addition to CSV) and has been expanded to include additional columns (acct_created, acct_modified, country, locale, timezone, sync-*).
  • Administration / User accounts and groups: Number of active & inactive user accounts per group is displayed.
  • Administration / Protocol: File sizes and time periods in the details are formatted appropriately.
  • Changing the password of a user account resets the number of failed login attempts.
  • Rules for restricting the visibility of users to each other (based on group memberships) have been expanded.
  • Asset import: new option “title_always_from_filename” (in addition to the previous option “title_defaults_to_filename”).
  • The height of multi-line text fields when entering metadata is automatically adjusted to the content.
  • Table views: Sorting settings are saved in and restored from session.
  • Optimized loading times in the Reports add-on.
  • Manja template syntax extended with “el{if..”, “else {if..” und “else{if..”).
  • New features for Manja templates: is_null, is_true, is_false.
  • Standard publication templates allow multiple download formats to be specified (e.g. original, web & print).

Fixed bugs

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  • When moving multiple assets into a category, an incorrect (unnecessarily long and redundant) version comment was generated.
  • It may not have been possible to create “forbid” permission rules.
  • Downloading .ai files: When downloading, Mozilla Firefox changes the suffix of the file name to .pdf (although explicitly stated correctly in the content disposition; workaround: corresponding files are delivered with content type application/octet-stream instead of application/pdf).