Version overview
Manja Digital Asset Management

16. May 2022

Version 4.41

New sending setting for guest users, support for WebP and AVIF formats in upload and download, recycle bin function extended

New function: Language selection for guest users for lightbox shipping

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Language setting for guest users
Language setting for guest users

When sending a lightbox to guest users, the language (German, English/GB, English/US) can now also be selected via dropdown in step 2 (Configure guest users). This will assign a language to the guest user(s) and the email notifications and manja will be localized accordingly.

New function: "All files" deletion in recycle bin

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Delete all files in the recycle bin for administrators
Delete all files in the recycle bin for administrators

For administrators:

In the “Trash” (Maintenance) all files can now be deleted at once with an additional query to the user if really all files should be deleted.

Webp and avif/avifs file format support

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Manja now supports upload, display and export of webp and avif/avifs formats. For this purpose, the administrator can create new download formats with the file type “webp” or “avif”/”avifs”.

WebP is suitable for lossless and lossy compression. On average, WebP files are smaller than PNG files.

AVIF files can be compressed lossless or lossy. The advantage of AVIF files are their smaller size with higher image quality. AVIFS files are especially suitable for animations, which can replace animated GIF files, for example. The high compression with simultaneous image quality should also be emphasized here.

An overview of all formats that Manja supports can be found on the Formats and Media Support page.

List of publications with more information

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For administrators:

Important information about a publication has now been included in the publication list. Previously, the information was partially stored in the detail view and could only be captured through this view.

The following information is now immediately displayed in the list:

  • URL of the publication
  • Password protected yes/no
  • Collections in a publication are now displayed as an enumeration and can be expanded if required.

Furthermore, we have extended the sorting function for the individual list columns. For example, the column “Created” or “Modified” can now be sorted in descending and ascending order.


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Texts and labels in the Manja UI were revised for DE and EN. Correct capitalization, wording improvements and spelling errors were removed.
Added several logs for user actions, especially extended for impersonation (“log in as”).


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  • In the “File send to guest” and “File send to user” email notifications, the thumbnails of the sent files were not displayed – this has been fixed and the thumbnails are visible again.
  • In the “Send file to guest” email notification, the link to the lightbox is now also specified with the login parameters (session ID).
  • If PDFs contain comments, these are now also downloaded via the detail view using the corresponding download menu (“Download PDF(s) with comments”).
  • In sent lightboxes, the included files can now be removed from the lightbox (previously it was not possible to delete files in the included lightbox).
  • Other bug fixes and technical adjustments have been made.