Version overview
Manja Digital Asset Management

5. November 2021

Version 4.37

New e-mail notification system, new "Voting procedure" function, new "Create metadata field" function

New email notification system including new design

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  • From now on, the e-mail notifications use a new design (template) as well as flexibly customizable texts

For administrators:

  • All notifications (texts, layout, languages) can be customized (Administration > Notifications)
  • The design and basic layout of the e-mail template can now also be customized (Administration > Templates)
  • Under “Templates” in the administration area the template “mail_footer” can be edited. The html field contains the default specification for the email footer and can be customized.
  • For the notifications, a test send is also available to test customizations and check them in the email client.
  • Also available is a comparison function for customizations to notification templates. This makes it easy to see which customizations have been made.

A detailed description of how to customize the new notifications will be available soon in our documentation.

New function: Webviewer with extended zoom function

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The webviewer view (in the detail view of a e.g. PDF file) has been extended by another function.

  • New function: Activate a more extensive zoom area when zoom button (magnifying glass with plus icon) is pressed for longer than 2 seconds.
Webviewer with extended zoom function

Webviewer with extended zoom function

New Function: File Sending > Set Time Extension of an Account

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If a selection of files or a lightbox is sent, a new function for the expiration time is available for temporary recipients.

  • For recipients with a user account expiration date, the expiration time is displayed in the dispatch dialog and can be extended at the same time.
Set expiration time of an account

Set expiration time of an account

New function: Add metadata fields

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For the individualization of metadata or information on a file, we have created the possibility to create new metadata fields as an administrator.

  • Under “Metadata” in the administration area, new metadata fields can be created and removed.
  • Furthermore, own metadata groups can be created as well as removed.

A detailed description of how to create a new metadata field will be available soon in our documentation.

New metadata field "Person(s) in image" added

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New metadata field
New metadata field "Person(s) in image" from IPTC import
  • In the “General” category of the metadata fields of a file, there is now the read IPTC field “Person(s) in image”.
  • If the IPTC field “Person in image” is filled in for a photo, this is now also imported and displayed in Manja.


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  • Backup script revised
  • Security and performance optimizations


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  • An error occurred when assigning roles for user groups. This has been fixed.
  • Improvements to the notification function and the corresponding templates.
  • An error message occurred when assigning rights at the user group level. Group assignment now works properly again.
  • Prioritization during metadata import corrected.